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Meet Justin Ross

Justin Ross is the Director at New Story Counseling and Coaching and serves his clients as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

He completed his Master’s degree from Northwest Nazarene University in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2013.

Justin has worked as a Counselor from 2013-2016 and recently founded New Story Counseling and Coaching.

Justin is a certified Life Coach and an ordained pastor and has a passion for helping people reach their potential in life and relationships.

Justin approaches counseling from a systemic perspective, focusing on the mind and heart processes that accompany life’s challenges. He is client-centered, compassionate and honored to share in people’s journey with them. Justin and his wife of 24 years reside in Meridian with their four children.

I enjoy working with teens, adults and couples.

I use an Integrative Approach to Couples Therapy, bringing together Systemic, Attachment, Communication and Gottman Couples Therapy interventions to assist the couple in healing past hurts and building new relational connections. I have found that a couple’s progress in therapy correlates directly to building understanding of each person’s heart and mind processes. I frequently assist couples in distress and those experiencing or approaching relational disconnection. I see my role as a facilitator, creating an environment that helps the couple build new pathways of connection. I draw upon my years of experience in multiple care-giving roles as well as my own marriage of nearly 25 years.
My approach to individual therapy is primarily Systemic; I utilize Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) as a means of identifying and repairing toxic thinking, emotional states and problem behaviors. I frequently use other interventions and models that facilitate growth, depending on the needs of the individual client.



Life comes with twists and turns, ups and downs. Counseling is a process for helping people get to a better place in life and relationships. It is my goal to establish a grace-filled environment that produces safety and trust; as people, we thrive in that environment.
My areas of emphasis in counseling include couples therapy, spirituality, leadership, relationship challenges and anxiety.
I draw from knowledge and experience gained in other professional vocations (consulting) and care-giving roles (pastor, husband, father). I also draw from my 25 years of marriage and 20 years of experience as a parent. It is a great privilege to come alongside people in their journey toward health and wholeness.
I look forward to seeing how I may be able to help you in your goals for counseling.


The Coaching model is designed to help you turn potential into results. Relational coaching is for couples that know their relationship can be better, and want a process and inputs to help realize its potential. Relational coaching is NOT for couples who are experiencing disconnection or has sustained damage.

There are several forms of Coaching that we operate in:

• Couples – take your relationship to the next level
• Leaders (both business and ministry)
• Men in their marriage relationship

The Coaching model operates on a monthly retainer, that depends on how many Coaching sessions are conducted monthly.



380 W. State St. #3. Eagle, ID 83616

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Tel: 208.209.7470

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